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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q's):

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

We understand that you may have a few queries before you make a booking. The below information aims to provide you with everything you need to know about our HAF programme at all of our venues.

If by any chance we have missed something then we'll be happy to answer your question.
Please contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help.


Where does registration and sign in take place?

Registration on the day for of our programmes will be signposted at each Holiday club venue.

To avoid having to wait, we ask you to register at least 15 minutes prior to the pre-booked start time. It is essential that a parent/guardian registers and signs out their child each day. If for any reason another adult is collecting your child, or you are collecting your child before the pre-booked pick-up time then please inform the venue lead coach. This is important, as sign out is not available under normal circumstances until 15 minutes prior to pick up.
Also please make sure you give the person collecting the PASSWORD you entered at the point of booking. Please insure you inform the lead coach if you are collecting your child before the advertised pick-up time.

At the end of the day children must be signed out by an authorised adult. If your child is allowed to travel to and from camp by themselves they will require written authorisation which must be given to our lead coach.

What if I'm delayed?

If you are likely to be delayed after advertised pick up time, please let us know to avoid unnecessary concern for your son or daughter.

What should my child bring?

On our holiday clubs it is important that children bring sun cream and are aware if they have it with them. You will be asked during the booking process to authorise if a member of the Healthy Appetite and Activities can help your child to apply their sun cream. If you do not agree to this, then please ensure that your child knows how to do it themselves.
Please do not let your child bring food to camp that contains traces of nuts.
We ask each child to bring a labelled drinks bottle and sun cream each day. It is also useful to have items that may be taken off, such as coats, hats and jumpers, to labelled so that we can make sure each child has the correct item before collection.
What should my child wear?

We suggest that children dress in comfortable clothing that is appropriate to the weather and activity they are taking part in. Trainers, shorts/joggers/leggings, t-shirt, jumpers, sun hats and coats, weather dependant.

How are children grouped?

Children are coached in minimum ratios of 1:12. These groups are split into age appropriate groups for certain activities.

What happens if my child has a medical condition?

If your child has a medical condition (EG- diabetes, serious allergies, epilepsy etc) that we need to be aware of this. It is essential that you tell us at the point of booking where there is specific area.
At registration you must inform a member of staff about any medication that may be required and you will also need to complete the Administering Medication Form which we will ask you to sign on the first day.

What happens if my child has an accident?

All accidents (e.g bumps, grazes and stings) will be dealt with by First Aid trained staff. At sign out please speak to the holiday club lead coach, as we require the Accident Report Form to be signed. This is to ensure that you are informed of any incident that has occurred. If there has been a serious incident or your child has fallen ill you will be contacted by telephone as soon as possible.

What if my child behaves badly?

Our team here at Healthy Appetite and Activities aim to encourage and reward positive behaviour and deal with inappropriate behaviour firmly and fairly at each of our venues.

The Healthy Appetite and Activities Code of Conduct will be on display at every Holiday Camp venue and on our website. At the point of booking you will be asked to read this and agree to it.
Staff will explain what is expected of the children in terms of behaviour. We will endeavour to deal with any minor behaviour problems as they arise. However, in serious cases and persistent poor behaviour we will contact you.

Are Healthy Appetite and Activities Programmes insured?

Yes, all of our HAF Programme venues are fully insured and include public liability, civil liability and professional indemnity.

All staff have the relevant qualifications to deliver activities. This includes safeguarding training as well as a fully enhanced DBS.

What happens if my child has additional needs?

Healthy Appetite and Activities offer a fully inclusive HAF programme. Children with SEND needs and other disabilities are welcomed at our holiday programmes, after consultation between parents and staff. This is to ensure that all needs can be met within the staff ratios that we provide. Parents should make us aware any needs of their child with our team at the time of booking.

How do I contact the Healthy Appetite and Activities Lead Coach?

On the first morning of the holiday programme you will be given a contact number which will have the mobile number of the lead coach at the venue your child is attending.

We know that it is a lot of information, but we need to try and avoid the amount of calls we receive, and you are properly informed.
Thank you
Matthew Zadel 
Director of Healthy Appetite and Activities
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